All your senses lead you to 16 Piccadilly str. The scent of coffee and fresh roasted nuts, the vivid colors of dried nuts, the “music” of scoops as you are served a treat, the unparalleled flavour of all products, the feeling that you are in the heart of healthy nutrition. Carpo London offers the quintessential of nature.

Only the best of products find their way to our store, when in season and quality is guaranteed. Visit Carpo London for degustation, to get informed about the varieties of nuts, dried fruits and honey, learn the nutritional value, buy a coffee to go. Join the Carpo world and indulge yourself in the most exquisite gourmet treasures.

Carpo London is the first store abroad of Greek family company Carpo Hellas, one of the fastest growing companies in Greece in processing, packaging and merchandising premium nuts, dried nuts and honey. The first flag store of Carpo Hellas opened in 2011 in Kolonaki, Athens, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the capital. The intention was to get to know our customers, listen to their needs and wishes and offer them the best we can. Edgy interior design, well-informed and polite personnel, and the quality of Carpo products guaranteed a store where everyone feels like home. A bottle of honey, a bag of nuts, a bar of chocolate: for your home, as a gift, as an energy booster at work. Carpo is part of your life.

For more than 23 years, Carpo Hellas processes, packages and merchandises premium nuts, dried fruits and chocolate. Either from Greece or importing from selected countries, the quality of the goods is always a given for Carpo Hellas along with the principal values a family company is built on: ethos, excellent customer service, sustainability, credibility, and quality. From retail to wholesale, Carpo Hellas cooperates with more than 2.000 stores. Its clientele varies from supermarkets, hypermarkets to retail stores; Carpo Hellas is the supplier of premium private label for Carrefour, Delhaize, and Macro and exports to Germany, France, and Italy. Apart from that, since 2009, Carpo Hellas collaborated with Kraft Foods Hellas as the exclusive distributor of all Kraft products in hotels, restaurants, cafes and many retail stores in Greece.