Petros Xenakis

Peter Xenakis was born in 1957 in Chania, where he lives and works. in 1975 he moved to Rome where he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, with Professor Alessandro Trotti.

After graduating in 1979 he is going back to Chania where he taught art classes in secondary school until 1992. From That period, Petros Xenakis devoted himself exclusively to his art of painting.

Figurative artist, Petros Xenakis master the realisms technics developed in the marines series but also in portraits. Some of his work can also be refered to symbolism school his anti-idealistic styles which were attempts to represent reality in its gritty particularity, and to elevate the humble and the ordinary over the ideal. As a reaction in favour of spirituality, the imagination, and dreams, Petros Xenakis shows all his talent in the biblical serie from 2012